Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobile Safety: Ride Safe and Have Fun!

We can not guarantee your safety. Snowmobiling is inherently dangerous activity. Accidents do happen. 

Now is the time for snowmobilers to keep snowmobile safety a top-of-mind awareness issue. Snowmobile safety is nothing new to organized snowmobiling. Snowmobile Administrators, the Manufacturers, snowmobile associations and clubs joined together years ago in developing the Safe Riders!  

You can make snowmobiling safe safety campaign which emphasized safe snowmobiling practices, training, and enforcement. 

The Safe Riders Campaign highlights these key issues:

1. Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix –  don’t drink and ride.

2. When night riding slow down and expect the unexpected.

3. Know where you go.

4. Cross all roads with care – don’t become road-kill

5. One is the loneliest number- never ride alone.

6. Know the risks and be prepared – make every trip a round trip

7. Ride smart ride right – stay in control.

by Ed Kim, International Snowmobile Manufactures Association